Weekly Investment Reads – 9/1/19

Some of the most interesting articles I read this week:

How Worried Should We Really be about an Inverting Yield Curve? – LT3000’s thoughts on the importance of first principle thinking when analyzing markets, particularly with regards to the inverted yield curve. It’s definitely an interesting take, although I wonder how investors like us should reconcile first principle thinking and reflexivity, as I assume not all market participants will ultimately be as rational as the author here.

Wait Till Next Year: MSG Spinoff Of Knicks And Rangers Pushed Back Again To Q1 2020 – Stock Spinoff’s brief article on the MSG spinoff being pushed back to Q1 2020. This is a high profile spinoff that I’ve been following, less as a potential idea (I was always more interested in MSGN) and more to just see how it pans out.

Uranium – Kuppy’s take on uranium, a super interesting commodity that I first looked into after hearing Mike Alkin talk about it. These types of investments are always difficult (you never know when the cycle will turn), but definitely worth digging into more.

Blue Sky – Some Notes and an Agenda for ASIC – Bronte Capital’s interesting notes on the collapse of Blue Sky Alternative Investments Limited.

Deep Dive into the General Electric-Markopolos Case – Here: The Baker Hughes Accounting – Valuesque’s deep dive into the General Electric Markopolos report, specifically with regards to Baker Hughes’ accounting. This really showed me the importance of choosing companies you understand when making an investment decision.

Some Things and Ideas: August 2019 – Yet Another Value Blog’s monthly thoughts. I found the ‘New Valuation Metrics’ section particularly interesting, and wonder how many of these value creating metrics exist that we are yet to find.

Betting on the Blind Side – Vanity Fair posting a chapter on Michael Burry from The Big Short. While this is an older article, I found it particularly interesting in light of Burry’s recent activism in TRLD and GME. The piece was truly inspiring, particularly the section on Burry’s blogging while he was working 16-hour shifts at the hospital.

As always, let me know what I’ve missed!

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